CabinetsSolid-Wood Cabinets

Rich, luxurious and hard, our cherry luxury cabinet is more subtle than some other hardwoods. The fine-grained wood has a smooth texture and satiny feel. View Projects>>
Golden Cabinets & Stone crafts its honey tone cabinets from Birch hardwood, rather than the less expensive soft wood used by other manufacturers. View Projects>>
Royal Mocha - top of the line Royal Mocha cabinets are timeless and beautiful. It comes with raised panel and gorgeous color. View Projects>>
Off white cabinets can create a whimsical look in your kitchen and are a great way to make a more hectic space seem more calm. It easily matches most appliances. View Projects>>
Weston Sand Shaker's neutral tone is timeless for home decor. It balances a calculated blend of gray and beige, creating the perfect complement for any design palette. View Projects>>
Nothing spells "elegant"like a medium brown kitchen! Medium brown wood cabinets show a high level of sophistication, and are usually found in spacious . View Projects>>
The Grey Shaker collection offers a sleek and tasteful design that will enhance the look of any kitchen.It is the perfect color to contrast brighter hues on your floor View Projects>>
Pure White White has always been every homeowners’ favorite of colors. It doesn’t only make the space looks neat and bright, but also elegance and clean look View Projects>>
Elevate the elegance in your home with Haze Blue Shaker Kitchen Cabinets. This new color cabinet line is both striking and stylish, with simple lines that allow View Projects>>
Sage green cabinet is very on-trend for kitchens at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a passing fad. Rather, this fresh and calming color is a natural, Kitchen. View Projects>>

Acrylic Glossy Cabinets

Acrylic is the original and best quality high gloss solid material available. It is manufactured to the highest possible specifications which means that solid colour View Projects>>
Acrylic Wood Grey cabinet is an newly modern style with wood grain texture. Your Kitchen will most definitely stand out with our beautiful acrylic wood grey cabinet View Projects>>
Our Acrylic Modern Grey cabinets will give your your kitchen a touch of modern luxury. Our high gloss acrylic doors have a crystal clear glass/mirror-like finish that is  View Projects>>

Vanity Cabinets

All colors of our kitchen cabinets also come with same color of vanity cabinets,below are some photos show several styles of vanity photos. View Projects>>